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Locksmiths in UK

In the United Kingdom, locksmiths and locksmith companies are approved by the Master Locksmiths Association or MLA after strict vetting. Regular inspections are conducted even after approval to ensure high quality of service by the locksmiths and locksmith companies. MLA is non-profit organisation that was established in 1958 to promote standard code of ethics and professional practices within the locksmithing industry. The British Home Office, the Police Department and the British Standards Institute have recognised MLA as an authoritative body in the field of locksmithing, apart from other trade bodies like Association of British Insurers, Building Research Establishment, etc.

Another organisation that is promoting the interests of locksmiths in UK and protecting the rights of citisens is the UK Locksmiths Association or UKLA. UKLA concentrates on providing training courses to persons interested in locksmithing industry. UKLA also vets locksmiths and keeps record of their activities in public interest.

Apart from the above two associations, we have made it our business to personally verify and rank locksmiths and locksmith companies in UK. Our comprehensive list of locksmiths allows you to find the right person in your area, wherever you live in UK. We can also help you in getting the best specialists in various types of locks, so that you can select the best locksmith for your needs. Contact us for further details in this regard.

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