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Common Problems with Locks

Locks provide us very high level of security and peace of mind. At the same time, jammed locks can also become source of severe headaches and other types of problems. It will be ideal if you know the common problems that can occur in locks, so that you can solve them without undue botheration.

The most fundamental problem with the standard locks used by the majority is their simplicity. Any trained thief or burglar can open such locks without too much effort. Some of them can open locks with just a pin or a needle. Hence, the amount of security offered by the common locks is highly limited. It is true that more complex locks can be manufactured, locks that cannot be easily opened by petty thieves. However, the cost of such locks will be prohibitive and beyond the reach of ordinary householders. As such, the protection offered by the common locks against crimes is minimal.

Another trouble with common locks is their tendency to break or become unhinged after constant use. This will necessitate change of the lock. If you had not noticed this particular problem, then entry by a burglar will be very easy. Rusting of the locks over time will also cause them to malfunction or stop locking. This is another serious headache in lock design, because most lock manufacturers use cheap materials to keep the costs down to minimum.

Combination locks and electronic locks are safer for domestic and commercial uses. However, the problem will arise when you have forgotten the number combination or the password. Such a situation can be quite embarrassing and the manufacturer or the trained operator of the manufacturer might need to be called to reset the lock. Further, electronic locks are much more expensive than ordinary locks and householders feel that they cannot afford the costs or that these costs are an unnecessary waste.

Other types of advanced locking systems like security token systems and biometric systems can never be affordable to households due to their prohibitive costs. They will be serving only huge organisations for several more years to come. The subject of problems with locks is a wide one. You can talk to our experts if you wish to have specific clarifications on any aspects of lock problems.

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